Line Card


Avtron Pulse Tachs Siemens Power Monitors
BBC High Speed Tripping Device Westinghouse Temperature Monitors
GE Lodtrak Portection Moudules Westinghouse Undervoltage Trips

Motor Control

Airesearch Mfg. Boeing Vertrol SLRV System Rockwell International Series 4400 Drive
Boston Gear Ratiotrol DC Motor Speed Control U.S Electric Motors- Electric Varitrol Controller
Cleveland Machine Controls Warner & Swaysey Servo Drive
E.M Ampli-Speed Drives Westinghouse 22-1000 Drives
Emerson Electric
GE Turbine Supervisory Instrument System
Westinghouse AC/DC drive systems:
A500, C200, C600, F56, M4, M5, M6...etc
GE Valutrol Industrial Drive System Westinghouse Accutrol Drive
GE VT-700 Duplex AC Variable Torque System Westinghouse Reduce Voltage Starters
Louis Allis 3300 Static Drive Westinghouse Silicontrol
PTI TR630 Adjustable Speed Drive Westinghouse Standrive Systems
Reflex Drives Westinghouse Startrol Power Miser
Reliance Drive System #0-49XXX-X series Westinghouse Static Slipsyn Mark II
Reliance Impak V.S Drive Westinghouse Vectrol Systems 

Power Supplies

Allen Bradley Unitron 1KVA Inverter
Exide 3 Phase Inverter Westinghouse Accupac UPS system
Lambda Power Supplies Westinghouse Accurcon UPS system

Protective Relays

ABB Relays GE Multilin Relays
 Basler Relays ITE Relays
Brown Brovieri Relays Siemens Relays
GE Relays Westinghouse Relays


GE Reclosers Standard Power Reclosers
McGraw-Edison Reclosers Westinghouse Reclosers


Allis-Chalmers IJ-2, MJ-1 to 3A, SJ3 to 6 Westinghouse Excit Swtchgear Volt Reg System
Basler Electric Westinghouse Generator Control Units
McGraw-Edison RSD Regulator Westinghouse M300, MGR, PRX, WTA AVR’s
McGraw-Edison TCA Voltage Regulator Westinghouse SVC & SVR Regulator
Precision Electronics Electric Governor Westinghouse TRA Voltage Regulators
Regutron II Westinghouse XASV Automatic Gen Sync System

Static Trips

Allis-Chalmers Static Trips Power Shields - ABB/BBC/Gould/ITE
ABB MPS Units Siemens Static Trip II  and III, LimiTrips
Cutler Hammer Digitrips Westinghouse Amptectors, Digitrips
Federal Pacific & Federal Pioneer Westinghouse Molded Case Trip Boards
GE Power Sensors,  SST & ESC Westinghouse SCB &  SPCB Static Sensors
GE MicroVersa, RMS-9, PM & Plus Westinghouse Pow-R Trip 7 Unit

Test Equipment

ABB MPS Type 504 & 606 Test Set GE TAK-TSI, TVTS1, TVRMS Test Set
AVO MultiAmp Equipment Siemens-Allis PTS3 & PTS4 Test Sets
Cutler Hamer Test Sets Square D UTS-3 Test Set
EIL Test Sets Westinghouse DS Test Set, Seltronic & 310 Test Sets

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Line Card, Computer Electronics Unlimited

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Line Card, Computer Electronics Unlimited


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